AvaCal offers Cybersecurity services to prevent your sensitive data from being at risk to security threats. We know that cybersecurity is critical, so we aim to help your company with all its IT needs.

Systems Engineering

Experienced professionals maximize system quality through our systems engineering process in a work environment that fosters creativity. They provide a reliable system that will work for your company.

Systems Design & Integration

Technology is ever-changing, so keep your IT system updated through our systems design & integration approach. AvaCal understands the technical challenges inherent in integrating different subsystems with each other.

AvaCal Services

Our services are part of what makes us unique. Consider our veteran-owned and operated services for all your company's network and engineering needs.

Why Choose AvaCal?

Integrity First

AvaCal values honesty, so our company is built on strong moral principles. Our team is accountable and we consistently uphold company moral and ethical standards. We believe when this happens it benefits everyone—partners, employees and most importantly our entire customer base.

Ideas to Action

We turn ideas into action with effort and hard work. Our effort, not strength or intelligence, has been the key to unlocking AvaCal's full potential and separating excellence from mediocrity. We believe effort dictates success and ultimately the only path of no regrets.


AvaCal's commitment is the spirit of determination and dedication to see any endeavor through completion no matter what struggles we encounter. Our commitment means there is no middle ground and its what transforms a promise into reality.

AvaCal News

Check out our blog for the latest happenings in our industry.

The biggest cybersecurity disasters of 2017 so far

October 17, 2017

THE FIRST SIX months of 2017 have seen an inordinate number of cybersecurity meltdowns. And they weren’t just your standard corporate breaches. It’s only July, and already there’s been viral, state-sponsored ransomware, leaks of spy tools from US intelligence agencies, and full-on campaign hacking. And that’s just the beginning. Read more on WIRED.com

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President Trump announces move to elevate Cyber Command

January 18, 2018

President Trump has directed that Cyber Command, the Pentagon’s offensive cyber-force, will become its own unified military command in a move that is meant to strengthen cyberspace operations and bolster U.S. defenses. Read More

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